Terror in the City // 5

#5: Reverie

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I knew she would catch up to me in no time. Who knows, if she could scream well, I bet she could run well too.
“Hey wait up! Stop running!”
Oh no! She is catching up to me.
I knew this was the end. I would probably be in a juvenile with thugs worse than me.

“Buzz… Buzz… Buzz”
Great! My phone had to ring now, of all time!
I flipped it open and saw that it was my mom.
Nice timing mom! Right when I'm running for my life before I could end up in a juvenile.

I hit the answer button.
And I bumped into someone as soon as I’d hit it.
I looked up and saw that it was the redhead.

My efforts were in vain for her grip was tight.
“Hey hold it! Why are you running away from me? But can you please tell me why you killed my friend?”

“I …I… Can’t tell you that. What I do belongs to me, because I have my own reasons. You have no right to know them.” I wanted to get away from her as fast as I could.

“I promise I won’t tell it to anyone”

There was a sound of reassurance in her voice. It felt like I could trust her. It felt like I could finally trust someone.

“Oo…oh…Okay. I killed your friend because I thought that he was going to harm you. In the night I can hear things. I can hear the cry of innocent people fight for their freedom from the grasp of evil - evil that they can’t handle on their own. I don’t need any GPS to pin point their location. Their desire to be free leads me to them. And then I free them.
I don’t like to see bloody kills. So, I kill them using their mind and my psychic powers to manipulate their thoughts to turn them against themselves.
Blood in mind doesn’t matter me. But blood in sight does. So I finish it off that way.”

“But do you think killing is the only way?” She asked me with a pleading look in her eyes which bore into my caged heart and ripped it open setting my wings free.

“… I don’t know”

“Killing isn’t always an option. But forgiving is. What you have is a gift. A gift to do good. Don’t bring havoc and chaos using it. It will soon control you, if you continue to do bad things with it. Use it wisely.”

I kept looking at her as her words were seeping into my mind. I didn’t know how my mind could accept all this but it did.

“Who are you? Why do I feel like I know you?”

She smiled - a slow smile. “I'm the person whom you have always wanted to be - the inner you. Wake up before its too late. Wake up for a better tomorrow.”

And she disappeared just like that. Fading into the thin air leaving me in this eerie night of revelations and truth.

I knew tomorrow was going to be different and I knew even I was different.

Tomorrow night was going to have a whole different meaning.

It's Over! :) Finally finished this long story which I'd been kinda lazy to finish! :D
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Posted by Tharangni


  1. aww..it was finished already..i am seeking for more actions but the ending is quite cool..i didn't expect it..:)

  2. @Ayu ~ yeah... well i wanted to continue it... actually extend it till 8 chpters or more... but i was kinda lazy to do the story and i wanted to write something more too.. so thats why i decided to end it fast... :)

  3. RE: awww..that's sad..anyway, im looking forward to more short stories from you ^^

    take care :D

  4. RE: awww..that's sad..anyway, im looking forward to more short stories from you ^^

    take care :D

  5. :D

    No... I thought I was gonna be disappointed... I wasn't.

    I guess, it's time to rev up my story telling abilities soon... Otherwise I may stay behind.

    *Starts practicing Illustrations...*

  6. Well, the ending seem good, anyway. Making it a longer story might not have worked. I know I'm way better at writing short stories than long ones, but I still want to try a long one (or two).



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