The end is a nostalgic dream.

The End is a nostalgic beginning.-Yosuga no Sora (ヨスガノソラ)

It’s been a while since I wrote down something like this! Also I'm really glad that I’d finished “Terror in the City” though I really wanted it to go longer. As a matter of fact I wanted to turn it into a book!

But time factor and laziness slowed me down. ._.

So I wasn’t able to extend to and I feel that I’ve finished it fastly and abruptly.

Blogs apart let me tell how my life is now.

School’s a pain/ always giving us projects and assignments with deadly deadlines! And we have to end up doing late night works too just to meet them!
But group work is fun! :) You get to know your friends even better.
And ofcourse, how can I miss the mischievous parts when I entangled my friend’s hair with thread which she wasn’t able to remove it! :D

And I’ve finally finally got a phone! :) It’s a Motorola W270 and I really love it! It’s flip and whenever I use it I feel like I'm in an anime/an anime character! :D But it lacks a camera. :(
~My Awesome Phone~

Speaking of anime, I’ve got so many to catch up! :( Like Kobato, Shugo Chara, xxxHOLiC Kei, Shuffle! and Yosuga no Sora.
But Yosuga no Sora is an anime which I started to watch this week only. But I'm still in episode two only. ._. It will take a while before I’ve finished that anime even though it’s got only 11 episodes! [ I know I suck!]

Music ~ ~ ~ la la la! I'm going K-pop! :D
Really the Koreans beat every single Japanese/English artists. Well atleast they haven’t beaten Ke$ha yet. And by the way her new song “We R Who We R” rocks!! I just can’t wait till I get to see its vid.
Super Junior, Shinee, Girls’ Generation are all carved at the place I live :) These guys are like so awesome! Their vocals, lyrics, videos, dance moves, they rock totally. Well Super Junior is the best and Shinee too! I was just seeing some music award video where Super Junior played and they were awesome! It was so “WOW”! They sang and dancd to their hits, ‘Bonamana’ and ‘Sorry Sorry!’. Shinee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong’ is uber awesome. I love the chorus and their moves. And all these guys are like super cute! :D

Not to mention the girls, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and 2NE1 [I like just listened to them!] they rock too. 2NE1 raps real good.

And oh so many things have happened! I was going through my previous blogposts and I saw I’d done so many literary works. However I guess I'm going to slow them down a bit and write about my life for a while.

Oh and one more thing: Don’t be surprised if I’ve changed ‘cause I'm unpredictable.
I hope you like this new layout. :) It's totally entirely made by me! starting from the codes to the graphics! :D [except for the background that is. ._.]

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