Terror in the city // 3

#3: The Kill
I walked close to the man. His smile broadened. This must be the best night in his life. Hitting two birds with one stone.
“Leave her alone”, I said with a hidden tone of terror in m voice, which sounded like a low growl.
“No way! Not tonight girlie, because luck seems to be on my side. And I won’t give in that easily.” He showed his golden tooth when he said ‘easily’ and that was really nauseating. This guy was pricking on my nerves.
“Fine. Have it your way. But you better know that lady luck isn’t always at your side.” He took a step back as soon as I’d said that and immediately I sent a wave of terror, which took him by surprise.
He became paralyzed and I saw the fear in his eyes.
I went close to him and started to peer deep into his eyes.
I began to connect his mind with mine and once that was done, I began to kill him. Slowly - in his mind.
I thought of gagging him and then punching him in the stomach with my knee. I even sent out a message: Better stay away from young girls you slut.
I was going to finish him by hitting his head on the concrete pavement when a scream startled me out of my psychic trance.
to be continued...

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  1. whoa..so the narrator could kill using the mind! wow..

    for the slut, serves him right! :D


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