Terror in the city // 1

#1: The Freedom
“Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…” My phone vibrated. I woke up sleepily and flipped it open to see what time it was. It read '12:00 AM'. My sleepiness disappeared instantly because I hunt my preys, in the city, at this time of the night. It has always been like this every since I left my home when I was 16.
I left because I just couldn’t bear my mom. She and her constant lectures on me being perfect, it was so sick that the very thought makes me nauseous.
I'm sure that she always saw me as a little girl back then. And I bet she does so even now.
She had me caged. She never let me out, even when my wings had spread.
She was the one who changed me from a bird to a beast. A savage beast that kills in the night.
A shrill cry pierced the night. It was the cry of an innocent soul battling its enemy. Battling for freedom.
And it will be I who will free it.
Me. Angie, the savage beast of the night.
...to be continued 

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Posted by Tharangni


  1. Oh, this sounds dangerous and typically teenage :)

  2. wow..i love it..its realistic :D looking forward to the next part! :D

    btw..thanks for reading the part 3 of my work :D

  3. Is this supposed to be a short write up series??
    Then I'm definitely looking forward to it.


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