Forgotten Promise

In a garden full of withered roses
Old memories rush like ashes.
The River of Death flows nearby
And my heart’s swollen of cry.
Tears in this darkness seemed like elixir
An elixir that made happiness disappear.
The sky was dark and lonely
And I stood with no one beside me.
Cry – I did all day long
Standing in this sentry where I don’t belong.
Having faith in the words you said
Waiting for you to come home. Wretched,
I drench in this dark rain
Fallen for your forgotten promise in vain.

Posted by Tharangni

1 comment :

  1. so sad..>.< i hate expecting for something that will not happen..such broken promises..*sigh*

    and also waiting..! i hate waiting..

    RE:@♠ Tharangni ♠ : haha..thank you :)


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