It was time to make his move. He was wondering if it would be the right one.
He was caught up in moving the Jack against the King. The queen was the last and the last of his worries. He knew that whatever would happen she would be safe.
So he thought of taking her in. But then the thought of the whole event in his head and realized that she would change the game and advance him and also take it all to a whole new level.

He put her forward and said, “Your turn”.
“Nice move mate. However, you see I shuffled the deck and I arranged the cards in such a way that it would come to this decision. I knew you would make this move. So I had an Ace in my side. None of your Kings/Jacks can save you now.”

I gaped. I was shocked. I hadn’t realized that he’d pander himself to this extent just to win it. I couldn’t let it happen. It’s all wrong. Playing cards like this.

Suddenly my eyes set on a pair of cards stuck together. I removed them. I saw the King hiding a Joker.

So the king was worried about his queen after all. With the joker, I can win this game and turn over the tables.

I put the Joker forward.

“The game’s over mate”, I said to my reflection in the mirror.

Response to a prompt at 3WW. The words are: Advance, Pander, Shuffle.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. An insidious, captivating undercurrent in this narrative! Beautiful!

  2. And I'm looking for more. This character is totally captivating. Win or lose, I'm drawn into his world.


  3. Heeeyy, that was really awesome.
    I really enjoyed reading it, and it felt very complete and planned, like a solid game plan in bridge or hearts.

  4. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. =)

    You captivating author. I heart you. =)


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