Rejoice in Winter

Goodbye long summer
Rejoice to your sweet sister
As smiles bring winter

This post is a response to a prompt at Haiku Heights. Prompt #11: Rejoice.
Also I've got another great news and its that, my blog has finally reached 100+ followers! :) Thank you everybody for your support and do keep reading my blog. :)

Posted by Tharangni


  1. nice post ^^

    and congratulations for 100 followers ^^

  2. every season change is a reason to rejoice. brilliant haiku piece!

    Rejoice (Haiku)

  3. This is one Haiku that's very well written :)
    It Rhymes :D !!
    You're getting better at it by the day.

  4. Wow cute and short just like a haiku should be. Btw Schrei if you're on indiblogger pls do vote for my post if you like it. I need them at this moment...coz other undeserving posts are moving ahead it seems.

  5. wow what a sweet haiku :) congrats on 100 followers :)


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