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He knew tampering with the Triads would do no good. It would just draw their attention and would give them the perfect time to kill him. He was surrounded on all sides by wall. There was nowhere to go. His jet was also running on empty fuel. Fear began to engulf him. He began to sweat and the nauseating feeling of death stuck in his throat. He sensed their moves and realized they were closing in on him. Their attack was imminent and so was his defeat. He closed his eyes and suddenly, all the lights went out. It was a power-cut.
He let out a sigh in relief as his game shut before he could die.
This post is a response to a prompt for 3WW. The words are: Engulf, Imminent & Tamper.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. I like this. Used to play the games, but that was years ago now.

  2. :)
    The pic was a total giveaway of an otherwise interesting and unpredictable ending. Good one BTW, :)

  3. That was good! We do get really involved in games don't we?

  4. @Deborah ~ Thanks :)
    @Chris ~ hehe! miss playing now?

    @Selenium ~ Thank you :) Glad you like it! ^_^

    @Angel ~ yep :) exactly :) ur right! ^_^

    @Dreamer ~ yep :) sometimes we get so involved that we can't diff. it from reality!

  5. the song is the last inserted song in code geass (playing when my beloved lelouch is dying :/) entitled continued story by hitomi kuroishi :P

  6. Thank GOD it was a game... Love and Light, Sender


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