Day 05 - Your Dreams

Dear Dreams,

Do you have any idea of how much I think about you everyday! When I'm in the examination hall after writing the exam I just stare into nothingness thinking about you. I feel sad for other people who have transfixed their dream on one thing and try to just achieve it. I don’t blame them for anything. But I’d love to encourage them :) I have so many dreams of you :) and one important thing is that I'm not going to stick to just one thing. I want to do various things and be and live in different places. I won’t care about what others will stay that I will become unstable and won’t be able to pursue them all. I have two ears and I'll let them out from each one. I dream of many things. I dream of being a cosplayer to a fashion designer to a web designer or simply an author. Or do nothing at all and just laze around.

I want to be many! Not just one and I certainly want more.
Just you wait. I'll do and show you.

Your eternal dreamer,

I know I haven't been on the sequence, but forgive me because of my exams! From today on I won't stop till 25 days are over :)
30 Day Letter Challenge concept from here: LINK.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. aww..i also think about my dreams as well..:)

    btw..i missed you..hope you did well on your exams ^^

  2. @ayu ~ yay! :) i missed you too! <3 ! and yeah! i really hope i did well too!


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