Betroth Me

The lapping of waves
And toes tingling in the maze
The wisp of saltiness hits my face
And the night went younger by day.

Creatures of mellow
Roamed unseen.
When a young triumphant fellow
Began cruising amongst the stars.
I saw him in awe
Riding past in no flaw.

A sudden motion triggered the land
Yet an unknown despair clung the lad.

He roamed the seven seas
In search for me
Melting the ice
And cooling the fire
Befriending the entire.

Years went by
And I waited for no good-bye.
He finally came forward
And knelt ahead
With a ring his hand.
My fair lay,
Will you betroth me?”

Lol :) This is my attempt in writing a poem about marriage! :D [don't laugh if you think its funny!]

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Well, if I propose someone saying - "Milady, Betroth Me." I sure she'll think I'm from some foreign country.


    Well, a good attempt. You did add all the romanticism with ample exaggeration of waiting for ones love. :)

    BTW, one question out of curiosity... don't mind it... Would you actually propose someone this way??? ^^

  2. @Selenium: lol! :D i kinda pictured this in the Shakespearean time, so that's why the dialogue was like that! :D

    no wayyy!!!! i'd never do that! i'd die of embarassment!

  3. -___-

    Shakespeare eh? You know I was one of the few CBSE students who had read Shakespeare on their own (unabridged and unedited) and apart from midsummer's night dream, I didn't like any other work/play by him...

    For you to actually imagine it in his time and style... you are extremely brave :)

    I change my words... great attempt :)

  4. Hehehhehee..

    It was a really cute poem :)
    PS: I am NOT laughing, it was really very cute..
    I am still smiling



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