Hope for Peace

Going beyond the Ring of Fire is no joke. Because on the other side waited Hell. One could say that the Ring of Fire unlike the normal fire was a protector apart from a destroyer. It protected the people from the Gates of Hell. It channeled their negative and hatredness outside the ring. Rotten thoughts, forgotten memories and lost objects were all left in Hell. The Ring of Fire was the remedy to evil, some people said.
However nothing lasts forever and right now the fire is fading away and the darkness is looming in. Horrors of the past come as nightmares and the angry spirits are doing their havoc.
The ring is losing its leverage.
No one knows why. Poverty is increasing, death toll is increasing, and even Mother Nature has gotten so angry that she’s creating floods and landslides.
And still no one knows what to do. All we can hope for is peace. Let’s hope for peace and revive the Ring of Fire.

This work is purely fictional and is totally from my imagination. I do not know if there is anything such as the Ring of Fire. It’s all part of my imagination is spreading the word that evil/badness is taking over the good. Global warming, poverty, climatic change etc. is what I’ve tried to focus on.
This post has been posted by me for 3WW for the date August 11 2010. The words are: Joke, Leverage, Remedy.
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Posted by Tharangni


  1. Hello Thangani.. Lovely post this.. beautiful.. can we do one thing. just live on hoding on to our values. without worrying much.. worry may make us like Mother Earth.. paler day by day..

  2. I liked the idea of the post, a lot-Peace.You've used the words in different but in an elegant way.Well done!

  3. An interesting and engaging piece of flash fiction.

  4. Beautifully done. Adding my wish for peace to yours.

  5. Interesting concept. O.O

    Mind if I borrow your "Ring of Fire" for some stuff??

  6. @Ramesh~ Thank you! :)

    @Jaspreet~ thank you so much! :)

    @ThomG~ oh thank you ! :)

    @normalone.com~ thanks same to u to! :)

    @Selenium~ suree!! :) feel free! ^_^

  7. An ominous message with a hopeful ending. Good work!


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