First Sunday of the Eighth Month

The first Sunday of the Eighth month is celebrated as "Friendship Day" worldwide.

So, Happy Friendship Day everyone!

I can't believe that ONE year has already passed Last year too, I wrote a post on celebrating friendship day and there was only one thing common: I was studying both the time.
My life's been taken over by school now-a-days! I hardly get time to think about blogging [not that I watch animes online-regardless ]. All I've been doing is Assignments and Projects one after the other! And once they are over, its exam time already!
Oof! I so hate 10th grade!

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Happy Friendship day...

    And don't worry. There is always a dawn after a stormy night :D

    Which reminds me... it's raining like Hell here... :|

  2. happy frenship day


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