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This is my very first attempt in writing a Haiku. From the rules I've learnt, haiku is a very short composition consisting of 3 lines with syllables in each line of the order: 5/ 7/ 5.
Believe me, even till today I don't know what exactly syllable means. I tried to figure out the vowels in the words but I ended up figuring out wrong. So I used this to keep track of my syllables.
This is a response to a prompt at Haiku Heights. "Prompt #3: Field"
Posted by Tharangni


  1. RE@tharangni: ooh..really..that's interesting~ maybe i should check it out ^^ thanks

  2. Well, syllable means how many time you have move your lips to speak a word. Like "Melancholy" has 4 syllables because when you speak Melancholy, you'll notice you move your lips/mouth 4 times to speak it.
    Like this -> "Me-lan-cho-ly"

  3. @ayu~ sure do! :)

    @Selenium~ well i got the meaning of it. its actually the occurrence of vowels in a word. but i cant figure out is whether my splitting of words in syllables is right! X(

  4. hi Tharangni.. :) welcome to Haiku Heights!

    well, ur split of syllable here is quite perfect itself.. very nicely done.. and the rules u've learnt are right too..

    well, Selenium explained the syllables well too, I can't do more better than that.. this to me was a PROPER haiku, and ur word verification agrees, coz thats what it shows me :)

  5. @leo~ oh thank you thank you thank you very much! i've started to like haikus very much! :) and yes selenium was of great help too! :) ^_^
    thanks again! ^_^


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