Everyone Has a Dream...

Everyone has a dream
To reach their destined star
The heart and mind work as a team
The heart chases feelings that are far
And the mind creates the path.

Everyone has a dream
Which they wish upon a fallen star
And when happiness beams,
They know it won’t char.

Because everyone has a dream
And when they close their eyes,
They see it, it seems.

Sorry again for not having posted all these days! I was having my Science Unit Test so I had to prepare and so I'd been hitting the books for past two days Well My next UT isn't until next Wednesday, so I guess I'll be alive till Sunday

Anyway, till then bye !
Posted by Tharangni


  1. goodluck with your UT~!! :D :D

    reading textbooks for two days sucks..ganbatte ne~ ^^

    we can do it! yeah! :D

  2. @Ayu~ Thanks! :) yea it did.. -_- i had to go over stuff over and over again! :O !
    and yes Ganbatte to u to! :)

  3. I have a Dream,
    A Song to sing.


    ABBA Reloaded or so I felt... (though this has nothing to do with ABBA... )

  4. Gahh, sorry I haven't been commenting in a long time. D:

    Anyway, thanks! I'm glad you like my letters. (And yeah, I figured that I should at least add a cbox, just so that I'm not entirely closed off yet.)

    Ah, so optimistic towards the future! Don't lose your dream ;)


  5. Its beautiful.i loved it..keep it up buddy. :)


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