Day 04 – Your Sibling

Hello brother dear.
Guess what, now that you’re not here I’ve unlimited freedom to do whatever I want with anything I want and I'm never going to be chained to you now. But still you could have gone after Rakhi, because all my friends got gifts from their brothers. But you, escaped!
I also told my friends about me getting your phone later on, and they were all so excited!
So hurry up and finish your exams soon!
By the way, the little green wish glass bottle and the key chain I gave you on my birthday are still here.
Take them the next time you come here.


Rakhi is an Indian festival rejoicing the relation between siblings, especially a brother and sister.
30 Day Letter concept from Here.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Duh... Don't have sisters so dunno that. But I did miss the vehement and verbal fights I used to have with my brother, when he went to some college far away -__-;

  2. Gah, I perfectly fail at checking back on people's blogs. X) I had to backread like ..three posts? Oh well.

    Anyway, keep it up with the challenge~


    P.S. Yeah, normally I'd sign in, but for some reason I'm much too lazy right now. XD

  3. @Leona ~ Thanks :) And its k. :)

    @Selenium ~ lol! :D verbal fights! [oof!] but he'll sometime come back home on vacations right? ^_^

  4. well..that challenged..i saw leona's doing the same..and it's kinda tempting..seems like i wanna do this letter making things..but due to lack of net time..i guess i cant..but anyway,.that Indian festival is so doesnt happen to our country though :3


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