Day 03: Your Parents

Hello mother dear and father dear.
I know that you guys try your best in making me happy all the time, and I must say
Thank You for that.
These days however I kind of feel that you are being low in the dumps if I’ve got any good news.
None of you seem happy now. And I want you to be happy all the time.
And yes, of course even I’m there to depress you at times with my 'yes’s' and 'no’s'.
But I'm only being me, and believe me; no one can stop me from being me.
But I'll still listen to you guys, because that’s what I’ve got to do for the next few years until one day, when I'm on my own.
So till then I'll rely on you. And once again, Thank You.


30 Day Letter concept from Here.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. The line "When I'm on my own" kinda hurt. It has some extreme sense of pain? If I had written this, then my mom would have married me off in a month. :P

    Jokes apart, I failed to grasp the situation stated in this letter. -__-

    Parents had a fight with the kid?
    Kid ignore parents and now on them again?
    Kid goes against culture/wishes/traditions and parents not happy?

  2. @Selenium ~ no way! by when im on my own i meant that my parents cant keep/have me forever and one i'll eventually move out of their lives and start my own.

    ~ and no. i had no fight with my parents :). i said im sad cuz they're not being happy because now-a-days they only worry about their works and that pisses me off. and moreover i sometimes become irritated and they dont like it. but i cant help it because thats how i am!
    ~ sometimes when the situation tenses amongst themselves, i butt out because i reallly wouldn't want to be poking my nose around then, or else i'll be dead meat!
    ~ and thats all! :) of course im happy with the culture/wishes/traditions [though i sometimes do throw tantrums over that issue]. but still i am what i am because they nurtured me till today and im happy for that :)
    so i said thank you for them! ^_^

    [and lol ~ awesome mom u should have! X) ]


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