Day 01 - Your Best Freind

Hi! It’s been a while since I wrote you a letter.
Do you what I feel about you right now? I feel that you’re drifting away from me.
And it makes me sad. I wish we could go back to the days when we used to have lots of fun.
When you and I used to smile, gossip and cry. I really wish you would get better soon.
The hospital must have been horrible for you. And you know what I wish from you?
I wish that you would be the strongest person in the whole wide world and the kindest one too.
People misinterpret you at times. But I don’t listen to what they say. I tell them that you’re the best and to mind their own business if they don’t know you well. I want you to stand on your own feet and stop being dependent to others. I want you to be who you can be and along that road I will help you be it and at the same time be your best friend forever.

Yours truly,

30 Day Letter Concept from Here.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Aww no wonder nothing can beat a letter from a best friend. :)

    sorry for being so irregular in commenting.i hardly type blogspot on url these days.result tension creeping into my mind,just four days to go and i am hella scared. :[

  2. @Sunakshi~ Actually is a letter to a best friend, not from! :D

    No problems girl, even i'm busy with projects and assignments and stuff... but i guess i'll have to go through that for the next level in life! X)

  3. I meant your friend will be so glad to see it :P

  4. This letter reminds me of the day when my friend had a fatal accident. I used to visit him everyday with a white flower in the hospital hoping he'd get better.

    I guess I could feel it cause I've felt it. -__-

    P.S. Well, my friend eventually got better...

  5. Aww, you started the challenge, too? (: That's awesome.

    It's easy to misinterpret someone you don't know - and really, nothing's better than having a best friend that understands you.



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