Two Worlds, One Mind.

When I walk home from the bus stand, I pass by a tuition center and I see students standing by it everyday. Almost not everyday, except for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because I think they don’t have their classes then. And this was when it happened.
One side: Today is a Thursday and they won’t be there. Because you’ve observed for quiet a while and you never see them on Thursdays. So don’t sweat.
Other side: Well even if it’s a Thursday you can’t be sure if they’re there or not because you don’t go to that tuition and know their schedule.
And so I went on rambling until I saw the truth.
They weren’t there.
I didn’t know which side of my mind I had to believe. This always happens to me. When I think of something good, something contradictory come in its way and I start having negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts make me think that having too much of negative thoughts may bring out some positive thoughts. But I know that this won’t maintain the balance.
So I guess there is always going to be two worlds in my mind when I think of a situation and I just can’t seem to choose the right one.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. hey Tarangni.. it happens wth me as well.. many times..

    most of the times, we go by the situations and the best for the time being..

    it goes good many times..
    nice thought..

  2. agree agree!!!it also happens to me!! and i hate myself acting and thinking like that..:P because it makes harder to decide and what to believe

  3. The chatter in the mind is a response to external stimuli...don't worry about that.

  4. Yeap! >:( It happens to me too! I feel like having an angel & a devil in my mind.. Lol!! XDXD

    Anyway, thanks for the wish!! \m/


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