Today just like any other day I went to school, expecting the usual to happen on a Thursday’s timetable.
I was really glad that my first period, Physics got cancelled due to the long assembly we had today. So I went to class and got out my Maths assignment book, hoping to finish the sum, which were left.
Suddenly, a teacher (new) entered the class with the English Literature. (It was English period then). I was thinking that she was a substitute for our awesome English ma’am, Gowri. But she said she wasn’t.
Okay… Fine… So what is she doing here!
And then the shock!
Gowri ma’am entered and she said, “She will be taking your English class from here on.”
For a 1/100th of a second, the whole class fell silent and when Gowri ma’am started to walk out, the whole class began to shout and began calling her back.
Sitting in the second bench with my mouth open, I was on the verge of tears. I didn’t want to show them. No not in the class. I never cry in the class.
The whole class was hesitant when the new teacher began to take the class.
She was teaching us non-finites and HELL! I didn’t understand a thing!!
I really didn’t want Gowri ma’am to leave us. This is our last year in school and after this we go to junior college where there is never an atmosphere such as a school’s.
We (all the girls) went to her. Cried for her to come back to us.
I'm a typical teacher crybaby. Cried in front of teachers twice. :)
She said even she missed us and wanted to come and teach us.
So we went to the principal who said that nothing can be done and that change is inevitable.
Inside her room, I felt like crying again.

I miss my old teacher so very much.
I feels like I’ve left school already.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Hey..touched me..:(..

    i can feel all of happened with us as well, but in senior inter..:(..

    we really love our best teachers and whn they get changed, we feel like we r out of that place..:(..sadly..

    DOnt in regular contact with Gowri mam.. convey my best wisher for her..

  2. i also hate changing teachers!! that really sucks!! esp. if the teacher you had is one of your fave :/

  3. I'm so used to not going to classes now :P

    Well, we have teachers changing every 2 or 3 months... so I kinda don't have emotions over it anymore.

    But yes, sometimes we grow attached to our teachers. Like in middle school I was attached to my English teacher too :)
    And I felt very very sad the day she came in class and declared that she was getting married and would leave the school (and city) the next month...


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