Picture says

Sadness is beautiful
Loneliness is tragical

These wonderful and mesmerizing lines are from the song, Shape of My Heart by Backstreet Boys. The release of the song may be old, and by old I mean really old. But time doesn't bother me and these lines have been stuck in my head every since I listened to the song.
I edited this picture by using text and text effects in Adobe Photoshop CS2. And by the way, I've also done a wallpaper and a .gif(animated) image which I will be soon posting. Have no worries and have a good day.
Photo by Harold Llyod
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Oh, it's great that you put photo credits. I've seen too many people editing pictures and not even giving credit where it's due. :)


  2. @leona ~yes i put it because i obviously can't take a pic like that and i loved it so very much! ^_^


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