My Days Of Innocence…

Picture says:
Fly away with your imagination
Little minds are the most innocent ones.

All these lines came into my head when I was looking at the picture of a little from my mom’s school [her class]. That picture was really good. The little girl’s shadow was cast and it looked like the shadow was only in focus. I mean all my eyes could every drift off to in that picture was its shadow. My mom had taken Tomy to school, since there was some activity about pets and that was when she took the pictures.
When I first saw that picture, I felt the innocence the little children have and their wild boundless imagination. I felt my self go back to my days of innocence, and I rejoiced those memories in glee.
So, let me show you that amazing picture of The Little Girl.

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That's it for now from me. I'll post as soon as I do more pictures. And at the meantime, check out my photoblog at Tumblr.
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"Every Scrap in an entry,
Will become a part of my memory! :)"

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