Doodling! - My First Set Of Smilies

So I was surfing the net today and I came across doodling and a tutorial based on it. As I read it, I began liking it. So I tried it and I really loved it! So I thought I should ‘officially’ start doodling by making my very own set of smilies! The smilies are real simple ones, except you don’t have to use the characters like “(“ or this “:” for this “:)” anymore! You can use mine and I’ve also added a few extras besides the usual. I’ve got a heart and a broken heart; a right and a wrong; a bow and a crown and a clover. Hope you will like them all!


To use these smilies host the images in YOUR OWN server and insert the image url in the following tag.

Text < img src='http://imageurl.jpg' border="0" padding="0" > Text.

The Border or Padding tag is optional based on the settings of your blog HTML.
And well the images may not be uber clear or HD. They might look like scribbles, but that’s me guys!
So if you’re ever using my smilies, don’t forget to credit me too!

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Aww those smileys are so cute. I would love to use them but then I seldom use such smileys in blog posts.

  2. hmm..thanks for the should i put it..? should i sign in first..? can i download it there..?

  3. @Samadrita ~ Thank you! :) Well, I'd say you can use them when you feel your blogpost to be something even better than emoticons!

    @Ayu ~ ahhh! well it looks like you need to sign in to download the book :). but you can chill cuz u dont have to register IF you have a fb or google account :) u can sign in with those :)

    @sunakshi~ Thank you! ^_^

  4. RE@@♣ Tharangni ♣ : ok ill try..^^ for the mean time i am reading sherlock holmes (my favorite) from another website..hehe..but as soon as i have gotten that book..ill read it! :D thanks..ill just ask again of i still cant get it..^^ thanks again :3

    (btw!!your smilies are so cute!! you are amazing! still clueless with making those stuffs hehe :P)

  5. >.< i still couldnt see where on that site i can download or even open the book..but i already have an account there..

  6. Ah~~~! ♥
    Cool smilies!! o(^-^)b

    Comment replied☆
    Really?? Thanks for the info!! (^O^)
    I never known that paratha & roti are different things~~

    (> <||| ) In Malaysia we call it roti canai!! ♥
    I love Indian curry!! XDXD *lol


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