Doodling! - My First Set Of Smilies

So I was surfing the net today and I came across doodling and a tutorial based on it. As I read it, I began liking it. So I tried it and I really loved it! So I thought I should ‘officially’ start doodling by making my very own set of smilies! The smilies are real simple ones, except you don’t have to use the characters like “(“ or this “:” for this “:)” anymore! You can use mine and I’ve also added a few extras besides the usual. I’ve got a heart and a broken heart; a right and a wrong; a bow and a crown and a clover. Hope you will like them all!


To use these smilies host the images in YOUR OWN server and insert the image url in the following tag.

Text < img src='http://imageurl.jpg' border="0" padding="0" > Text.

The Border or Padding tag is optional based on the settings of your blog HTML.
And well the images may not be uber clear or HD. They might look like scribbles, but that’s me guys!
So if you’re ever using my smilies, don’t forget to credit me too!

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Today just like any other day I went to school, expecting the usual to happen on a Thursday’s timetable.
I was really glad that my first period, Physics got cancelled due to the long assembly we had today. So I went to class and got out my Maths assignment book, hoping to finish the sum, which were left.
Suddenly, a teacher (new) entered the class with the English Literature. (It was English period then). I was thinking that she was a substitute for our awesome English ma’am, Gowri. But she said she wasn’t.
Okay… Fine… So what is she doing here!
And then the shock!
Gowri ma’am entered and she said, “She will be taking your English class from here on.”
For a 1/100th of a second, the whole class fell silent and when Gowri ma’am started to walk out, the whole class began to shout and began calling her back.
Sitting in the second bench with my mouth open, I was on the verge of tears. I didn’t want to show them. No not in the class. I never cry in the class.
The whole class was hesitant when the new teacher began to take the class.
She was teaching us non-finites and HELL! I didn’t understand a thing!!
I really didn’t want Gowri ma’am to leave us. This is our last year in school and after this we go to junior college where there is never an atmosphere such as a school’s.
We (all the girls) went to her. Cried for her to come back to us.
I'm a typical teacher crybaby. Cried in front of teachers twice. :)
She said even she missed us and wanted to come and teach us.
So we went to the principal who said that nothing can be done and that change is inevitable.
Inside her room, I felt like crying again.

I miss my old teacher so very much.
I feels like I’ve left school already.

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Friends Forever ♥

Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

That’s what I feel about my friends! They’re so precious to me. Just like any other gem. I really don’t like to see them unhappy.
Today my bench mate was really unhappy after she had a fight with her best friend. I tried my best in consoling her. Nothing happened. :(
But later in the end of the day, she was back to her old self and I was really happy then!

We Smile. We Laugh. We Dream.
We’re going to be together forever.
We’re going to be the Best of Friends.

This one goes to all my friends in school, cyber space and tumblr.
How about you? :) What do you want to say to your friends?
Do you guys like my new template? ^_^ I think its awesome! Especially the sidebar. Oh, and the navigations are always like before :), except you'll have to click the pictures in the sidebar :). Still if you want to ask me anything, feel free to do so!

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My Days Of Innocence…

Picture says:
Fly away with your imagination
Little minds are the most innocent ones.

All these lines came into my head when I was looking at the picture of a little from my mom’s school [her class]. That picture was really good. The little girl’s shadow was cast and it looked like the shadow was only in focus. I mean all my eyes could every drift off to in that picture was its shadow. My mom had taken Tomy to school, since there was some activity about pets and that was when she took the pictures.
When I first saw that picture, I felt the innocence the little children have and their wild boundless imagination. I felt my self go back to my days of innocence, and I rejoiced those memories in glee.
So, let me show you that amazing picture of The Little Girl.

View Full Size Image

That's it for now from me. I'll post as soon as I do more pictures. And at the meantime, check out my photoblog at Tumblr.
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Playing With Your Life.

The Hunter. The Chase. The Kill.
The Forbidden Game.
Some words have jumped to the next line. Please ask if you can't understand it.
When Jenny buys a game for her boyfriend, Tom, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the guy who sells it to her. There is something mysteriously alluring about Julian’s pale eyes and bleached-blond hair. And when he places the Game into her hands, she knows their connection is something much deeper.
But as Jenny and her friends begin to play, an evening of friendship and fun quickly turns into a night of terror and obsessive love. Because the Game isn’t just a game – it’s their new reality, where Julian reigns as the Prince of Shadows.
One by one, Jenny and her friends must confront their deepest fears and win the game. Because to loose the Game, is to loose their lives. And that is only the beginning…
Author: L.J. Smith
Pages: 750
Ages: 15+
Publishers: Simon Pulse

Lines from the last few pages of “The Forbidden Game: The Kill” , quoted by Julian just before he dies. It sounded like something really important and something which we should never forget. So remember and always love the dead.
Photo edited in Photoshop CS2. Used text and text-effects.
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Two Worlds, One Mind.

When I walk home from the bus stand, I pass by a tuition center and I see students standing by it everyday. Almost not everyday, except for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because I think they don’t have their classes then. And this was when it happened.
One side: Today is a Thursday and they won’t be there. Because you’ve observed for quiet a while and you never see them on Thursdays. So don’t sweat.
Other side: Well even if it’s a Thursday you can’t be sure if they’re there or not because you don’t go to that tuition and know their schedule.
And so I went on rambling until I saw the truth.
They weren’t there.
I didn’t know which side of my mind I had to believe. This always happens to me. When I think of something good, something contradictory come in its way and I start having negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts make me think that having too much of negative thoughts may bring out some positive thoughts. But I know that this won’t maintain the balance.
So I guess there is always going to be two worlds in my mind when I think of a situation and I just can’t seem to choose the right one.

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Picture says

Sadness is beautiful
Loneliness is tragical

These wonderful and mesmerizing lines are from the song, Shape of My Heart by Backstreet Boys. The release of the song may be old, and by old I mean really old. But time doesn't bother me and these lines have been stuck in my head every since I listened to the song.
I edited this picture by using text and text effects in Adobe Photoshop CS2. And by the way, I've also done a wallpaper and a .gif(animated) image which I will be soon posting. Have no worries and have a good day.
Photo by Harold Llyod
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Lately I haven’t been blogging much and I can feel that one-week to which I’d lost due to the arrival of my brother. Well he didn’t get me anything special like the ‘Velvet Casket’, which he’d once bought me. This time however it was different. It was my birthday this Sunday [yep! I'm 15 now!], and guess what he gave me as a gift? SPEAKERS!!! I mean my very own speakers for my very own room! Now how cool is that! It’s really nice and the sound is awesome.
Anyway so since my bro was here for like A WEEK ~ I was disconnected from cyber space till then. And so in the 7 days I was really bored without the net. So I tested out my Photoshop skills by making/editing pictures/wallpapers. It was really fun! You can see the pictures, which I did below:
Cry Smile- Quoted by Abhishek Bachan
All I Want Is You- Juno OST
Faerie- Wicked Lovely [By Melissa Marr], Ch.26
Learn My Lesson- Daughtry [Learn My Lesson]
Your Love is My Drug-The oh-so popular lines of the song Your Love is My Drug by Kesha.
Satellite Heart- Anya Marina [Satellite Heart]
Undisclosed Desires- Muse [Undisclosed Desires]
Win/Lose- By Me [After A Personal Experience]
Whatever You Like- Anya Marina [Whatever You Like]

So this was what I'd been doing all along. Plus, to get a clear view of the full High-Res image, click it and then download it.
So that's it for now from me!
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