Undisclosed Desires by Muse

"Undisclosed Desires", also known as "Undisclosed", is a song by English alternative rock band Muse, featured on their 2009 fifth studio album The Resistance. The song was written by lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy, who has described the song as "quite a personal song about me and my girlfriend." This song did not involve the usage of the guitar or the piano but is built around electric drum patterns and some slap bass.
Even though the guitar or the piano hasn't been used in this song, the music is really incredible.
Here's it's Official Music video along with the Lyrics and MP3 download.

Download MP3: Link

I first listened to this song in FoxCrime while they were putting the trailer of Dexter Season 4. This song was in its background and it was really amazing! The song is really small I must say with the chorus repeating 3 to 4 times but the music behind this song is truly amazing!
By the way, the opening song in my blog is also "Undisclosed Desires".

I strongly recommend you guys to listen to this song and video. It's really amazing!
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  1. wow..it's the first time ive seen you featured a song..nicely done ^^

  2. @Ayu ~ lol!! i do post entries about music! :D only its been a looonng time since i'd posted one! :D

  3. Ah I've loved Muse for quite sometime now.Especially after Twilight :)

  4. oh..i see..:D

    btw..mariaholic is really a nice one..love comedy ~~ :D this anime will always make you laugh haha ^^

  5. Hi Gal.. thank you so much... heard abt it..:) nice one..

  6. thanks for the interesting information


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