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P.S: This is my first attempt guys in writing a poem in a image. I did it because the font was really nice and if I'd typed using that font, then in your systems the text will be different because even you guys need to have the same font in your system, which would be very rare because this is an externally downloaded font. Not a default font. But I hope you guys can understand it.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. awesommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....:) i loved the font yar.. teach me hw to do this..:).. simply superb ..:)

  2. @Pramoda sis~ its easy! ^_^ all u have to do is open a blank paint/photoshop file and use the text tool to type in ur desired text. then u can color edit it and finally save it. then **tada** post in blogger! ^_~

    @Chocolate lover~ thnk you! ^_^

  3. A lot of your poems have a pictorial feel to them, so I'd say you often put a picture in a poem, but I guess this is the first time you've put a poem in a picture. Not bad, too!


  4. Really nice... and i liked the font!!!:)

    good day!!!:)


  5. waw....agree with u guys!this post is seriously awesome tharangni!! :D

    keep up the good work beb! \(^_^)/

  6. RE: @tharangni: think so..? i think i should be more positive about my hair..>.<

  7. its really cute!! im glad you hae found out whereto download those images though mine is just a limited one tehhee ^^

    i really love your blog!

  8. @Ayu sure n thnx! :) yea i think u ought be to be positive abt ur hair! :)

    @megumi~ hehe thnx! :)

    @Kelvin~ thnx! :) n u too have a good day! ;)

    @rabbito n wisewit~ thnx! :)

  9. Paper has more patience than people..


    Beautiful piece :)


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