Hello Guys! Hope you like the new look of my blog! It took me a few days to update and all! But this is what it finally is! And I hope you like it. Oh, and the Navigations are the same. Still, even if you have any queries you can ask me any time! ^_^ And also don't forget to check out the 'Shards' Tab because it has all my posts collections with new topics! (Which I was obviously too lazy to add before)

Anyway coming back to my title "Lullaby" its based on a new Guitar piece which I did. Well the sound quality can be poor since I recorded it in my mp3 and later converted it. But Please while listening to it keep your Speaker's Volume FULL. Only then you can hear it properly. After all I did say that the sound quality is poor . Here it is, hope its good and nice!

P.S: The Playing may also not be good because I'm still an amateur with the guitar.
Posted by Tharangni

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  1. Nice blog attire... loved .it ..

    well your hard work really paid dividend ...

    have a nice time ..

    take care


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