In Five Years…

I wonder what I’ll be in five years. By then I'll be 20 years old. Will I start acting like an adult or will I be like the me-of-now. And I'll be in college. But I wonder what course I'll be doing. My friends talk about the courses, which they’ll do when they go to college. And I still haven’t decided on mine yet. I wonder which college I'll be studying. Will it be near my parents? Or will I study far away from them like I dream. Will I have good friends whom I can trust?
I just don’t know and I just don’t want to decide yet.
This post has been posted by me for The One Minute Writer for the day June-10-2010 and the prompt is "Five Years".
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Haha! My uncle will buy more koi fish tomorrow =3

  2. Hey gal..nice thinking... it boosts our energy when we dream abt future...

  3. hmm..yeah..youre right..its difficult to decide when you know its early for that and it could just bring pressure ion you..enjoy your life..and dont worry too much about the future..heheh :D

  4. Yeah, I haven't decided what course I'll take in college yet, either. I'm limited to only science and technology courses, though, so.. yes.



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