Not knowing what to do

Currently all I can say that ~I’m so messed up with my life~
I miss my laptop in my home.
And I really miss home.
Here I am –in Chennai - where all the malls (Like Skywalk ~ Ampa Mall) are like hell crowded and boredom is eating away my life!
Another problem is books -_-
I so love them and I literally can’t live without them.
So I bought 4 books here.
One is with my friend.
And the other three – I’ve finished reading them!
And that’s the worst part if I buy books! I finish reading them fast and it later sits useless in the house!
And the next problem is blogging!
I hardly get any time on the net now! So when I open my blog I sit thinking what to type and that swallows all the time I’ve left.
So I really want to get back home soon and I’m so pissed here!

Posted by Tharangni


  1. hi ,

    how u doing ...hmm in chennai ..the mercury will be rising as well :(

    well don't be sad u hv books as ur friends that's wonderful ..n being away from home give us some extra time to think on the sense of responsibility ...n to press our self forward achieve what we are there for.. so all the best ..

    n keep blogging when u get bored..

    take care

  2. heya! Bout your books. if you find a phone with Java....ppl laike you need ebooks. (: Temme if you faind a phone with java and I'll send you ALL the books you need. Course, reading off a those beautiful, naice smelling pages is an entirely diff. feel. Dude, you're in Chennai and you don't tell me? OUCH!

  3. i love being bored because that means i have time to spare :) <3

  4.'s sad to be far away from they said..home is where the heart is..:/


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