Heading Home

Leaving this place where I’ve never been
Sorrow thoughts lurk within.
My heart aches for tomorrow
Wishing it was written in a book.
This smell of strangeness
Clings to me like a cologne
Something which I can never seem to get rid off.
And so I begin pacing back
Back in time
Back in thoughts
Back when I was Heading Home

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Hi , How u doing?
    So you are finally heading for home , nice it always a pleasure to be back to the roots.
    You wrote nicely we always misses and its tough to be away for a long time ..

    Have a gr8 time C u again over here..

  2. aww..glad youre about to go back to your home sweet home!!!

    RE: @tharangni: aww..im sorry for picking up a font that that's not so readable..

    here's the line 3 for you :
    "let go and make yourself fly"


  3. Hi Tharangni,

    Loved the pic above..

    for the post, its so pleaseantly thouching the heart that i cant express it so easily...

    keep writing such lovely ones..


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