Walking in life’s yellow brick road
In the time when the sun shined red
Autumn leaves had filled my path.

Decisions about the future
Kept ringing in my head
When I looked behind
At the footprints I’d left.

Still nothing discouraged me
And I kept moving on
Remembering that one day
The footprints I’d left
Will forever be a scar.

No ocean can wash these away
These memories and pleasure I’d to sway
However they may get old
And become rusted
But they’ll stay forever
In the depths of my mind
For they were the footprints of my life...

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Oh, i love the footprints thing. Reminds me of William Wordsworth's Psalm of Life. :)

    Lovely poem this was. :)

  2. Oh, this is really inspiring and really touches my heart... awesome!:)

    BTW, o yeah... well,"ere" was just a poetic term for the word "before"... thanks for your interest of knowin' each word on my poem!!!:)

    Great day!!!:)


  3. I also don't know that digital camera's brand~~ It is written in korean or something (o.o;;) And I don't know korean language. LOL XDXD

    - Rabbito of ☆ラビトのブログ☆

  4. Hey! reely nice poem. Kinda deep. <3 the signature in the end. (:


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