A Broken Mirror

Looking at life through a broken mirror and writing what it tells
Right now I’ve changed my blog’s description because I felt it needed a change from the previous one.

I chose a broken mirror because when I see or talk to people I feel like looking at their life through a scarred and fissured mirror. A mirror displays our reflection – how we are and how we look. Looking at life through an unscarred mirror would mean that the life has been good. Nothing bad has happened and the life is good. It is a life which can be trusted and that’s has happy memories.

Whereas coming to a scarred or broken mirror, it’s the exact opposite. I first read about looking life through broken mirrors in a magazine and by it, it said-
“Looking at life through a broken mirror is a life that has earlier betrayed us or has had bad moments with us. Usually a person’s life, as in a mirror remains unscarred. But when something bad happens or if something untrue to his/her heart happens then the mirror begins to crack. And if there was any witness to that incident which made the mirror to crack, then he/she would be looking at the person’s life through a broken mirror. The cracks will be a reminder of their cruel past – something which can never be erased

So I felt in my life I’ve seen many people through a scarred mirror. So that’s why I decided to change it.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. wow..your blog's description now is truly meaningful and awesome..coz..yeah..i agree there's no person living in this world that haven't been hit by a blow of problems..broken mirror..perhaps..its perfect description of the wonderful things you write about ^_^

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  2. Very nice and deep :)
    I like the new description!

  3. Hi there~~! How are you today??
    Thanks for commenting o(^-^)o

    Do you mean the picture in my latest post? Someone edited it w/out my permission & idk what software she had used for it . . . (> <;;)

    But I edit my signature using Adobe Photoshop XPXP

  4. Hi!

    How are you???

    I'm back.... finally out of distress and wretchedness... i've been out for almost a month and now i'm back and movin' on.... movin' on from all he distress i had been through... and i'm glad bein here again... i'm blessed to read your thoughts and wonder... and like in the story... i was hit by a huge problem i never thought i can make it.... but i made it... i survived and now moving on... thank God!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  5. Really..

    That is a very meaningful and unique description of your blog..

    What you read and shared is sooo true.. somethings that happen with us cannot be erased.. and always stay.. as a bruise/scar..

  6. yea.. if broken mirrors are you thing , by all means. in that case when i think of it. my mirrors have fallen, been belted the crap out to such an extent that all its pieces have fallen off and i can't use it to see anything distressing from the past. so now i'm freed from the grip of knowledge and time. and i can only focus on the future .. Keep smiling.. :D


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