Heading Home

Leaving this place where I’ve never been
Sorrow thoughts lurk within.
My heart aches for tomorrow
Wishing it was written in a book.
This smell of strangeness
Clings to me like a cologne
Something which I can never seem to get rid off.
And so I begin pacing back
Back in time
Back in thoughts
Back when I was Heading Home

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Not knowing what to do

Currently all I can say that ~I’m so messed up with my life~
I miss my laptop in my home.
And I really miss home.
Here I am –in Chennai - where all the malls (Like Skywalk ~ Ampa Mall) are like hell crowded and boredom is eating away my life!
Another problem is books -_-
I so love them and I literally can’t live without them.
So I bought 4 books here.
One is with my friend.
And the other three – I’ve finished reading them!
And that’s the worst part if I buy books! I finish reading them fast and it later sits useless in the house!
And the next problem is blogging!
I hardly get any time on the net now! So when I open my blog I sit thinking what to type and that swallows all the time I’ve left.
So I really want to get back home soon and I’m so pissed here!

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Walking in life’s yellow brick road
In the time when the sun shined red
Autumn leaves had filled my path.

Decisions about the future
Kept ringing in my head
When I looked behind
At the footprints I’d left.

Still nothing discouraged me
And I kept moving on
Remembering that one day
The footprints I’d left
Will forever be a scar.

No ocean can wash these away
These memories and pleasure I’d to sway
However they may get old
And become rusted
But they’ll stay forever
In the depths of my mind
For they were the footprints of my life...

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A Fine Misty Day...

The world still looked wet
After last night’s drench
A few droplets still clung on
As the coldness spread like a wave.

Nature was yet to awake
And cherish the world with its melody
Yet the sun’s rays were hazy
On this fine misty day.

Everything was a blur
And sight was just impossible
But the sense of touch
Rang chimes in the heart.

The river lay frozen
With fissures of life.
Treasures lay dead in its bed –
Ready to be restored.
But all that had to wait
Since it was a fine misty day.

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First Rainbow : 3WW #5


The cliff was really high and the water was falling at great speed. Thinking of even getting wet in the water was beyond thought and escape was impossible. Somewhere far the hum of the working bees sounded peaceful.
And I was standing still – all by myself – on its edge and looking at the falling water and the small vibrant rainbows it made.
And that was the first time I ever saw a rainbow.
This post has been posted by me as a part of 3WW for the date May 5th 2010 and the words are ~ Escape : Vibrant : Hum
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A Broken Mirror

Looking at life through a broken mirror and writing what it tells
Right now I’ve changed my blog’s description because I felt it needed a change from the previous one.

I chose a broken mirror because when I see or talk to people I feel like looking at their life through a scarred and fissured mirror. A mirror displays our reflection – how we are and how we look. Looking at life through an unscarred mirror would mean that the life has been good. Nothing bad has happened and the life is good. It is a life which can be trusted and that’s has happy memories.

Whereas coming to a scarred or broken mirror, it’s the exact opposite. I first read about looking life through broken mirrors in a magazine and by it, it said-
“Looking at life through a broken mirror is a life that has earlier betrayed us or has had bad moments with us. Usually a person’s life, as in a mirror remains unscarred. But when something bad happens or if something untrue to his/her heart happens then the mirror begins to crack. And if there was any witness to that incident which made the mirror to crack, then he/she would be looking at the person’s life through a broken mirror. The cracks will be a reminder of their cruel past – something which can never be erased

So I felt in my life I’ve seen many people through a scarred mirror. So that’s why I decided to change it.
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