What a Boring Class!

The teacher entered like a mighty emperor
Commanding over his people like a dictator.
The students are droopy with boredom
As they try to escape his kingdom.
Try as they may
But all ended in vain
As the boredom the class begun.

The first class began with biology
Continued with the literature of the dictionary
Later began the story of civics
And told us how the government formed the policies
Then we entered heaven –
Where we entered the eerie basement
Language slipped and winded in our tongues
Which continued, till the tangles web of numbers

The day of boredom finally ended
When the last bell rang
And all the kids stepped out.

P.S Sorry guys, but after this I will be leaving the city and will be heading for my native place. So you may not get posts actively, but I will try to keep them active and you don't forget your spot when you come by my blog and do leave comments! :)
Posted by Tharangni


  1. wow..i can relate to this..and very true....~~when the bell rang its like being freed from hell~!!:D

    enjoy your vacation....xD

  2. @Ayu ~ yea! :) ur right! :D and sure i'll ^_^


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