Shiver - My Wolf

The air felt cold
And the smell of pine and snow
Was intoxicating me.
His gaze met my threshold
They had the best hue of gold
And I reflected back the mere flickering
Of images for that was how we’d spoken.
Even as a mortal I’d the lupine instinct.
His fur smelled of the dried autumn.
My breath fogged the thin glass
And my nails screeched at its touch-
The thin barrier between him and me
In this cold wet weather.
Sadly I could see him only then
And I lost his gaze in the warm summer
I miss the smell of autumn
And the gaze of gold
Of my dear wolf, when it was warm.

The above poem is based on a book, which I’d read, quiet long back about a wolf and a girl. Shiver is a thrilling and amazing book written by Maggie Stiefvater.
Grace is a 17 year old who had survived a wolf attack when she was 11 years. Strangely she didn’t die and survived after a wolf in the pack rescued her. And ever since then that wolf had been watching her and waiting for her to come and become a part of the pack. But she never does.
Sam, Grace’s wolf, who’d rescued her from the pack waits eagerly in the winter for her to come and join him for it is the cold that changes him to a wolf. When it’s summer he becomes a human and misses Grace. And when it’s winter he waits for her.
However things get twisted when Sam almost gets hits by a bullet and changes to a human in the cold and tries to brave it and ends up in Grace’s doorstep. Grace doesn’t hesitate to take him in and realizes that Sam is her wolf.
The story continues as Sam continues to stay as a human in the cold for Grace and helping Grace to realize her wolf instincts within her.

Pages: 392
Publishers: Scholastic
Genre: Fiction
Ages: 14+
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Interesting genre!

    Will give it a try..

  2. @FireBolt ~ You should! It's really nice! Espl. The ending!! :)

  3. Does seem like an intriguing book.Will try to get my hands on the e-book if I can :)
    Nice poem and review!

  4. Hmm... I'll try reading this book... only then I can say anything about what you've written...

  5. was an interesting story..i wonder if they would end up with each other! so thrilling@ i wish i could find that book in the bookstore here in our country :)

  6. Hi , its nice ..poem really really put the scene alive.

    There is a movie I think over it as well.

    Nice you put it forward..

  7. Sounds like a very good book, and your poem was very nice too! ^^

  8. @Sammy ~ you should! it's really nice! :)
    @Selenium ~ hahah! :D Sure!
    @Ayu ~ Hey you can download it as a e-book u know... and yes.. in the very end of the very last page they do..:D
    @Vivek ~ thanks.. :D
    @DD-Chan ~ Thanks! :) you should read it too..!^_^


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