Sad Harmony: MM #1

The tunes in the harp were drifting away.
Grace’s friends were really happy to hear it.
Except the same melody was a pain to mother nature.

Here by a pain to mother nature has been used because the flowers in the picture look droopy and crestfallen.
This post has been posted by me for Microfiction Monday : #27, for the date 19th April 2010. This is also my first entry for it. Hope you like it!

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Hey!

    This is really good! I should try MM sometime.

    And great blog and layout! Good work!


  2. Awesome pic! :O I love the colors :)

  3. Welcome to the Micro Fun! Great take on the pic for the day! Enjoy your week!


  4. Poor Mother Nature. That harp will make you flowers droop every time!

  5. Poor mother nature LOL I loved this. Well written my friend :) Have a great MM :)

  6. Ah, the magic in music - I liked this a lot!

    Welcome to the game, Tharangni, and thanks for playing!

  7. I hadn't really noticed the droop of the flowers before. Very observant and a fine interpretation. Hope you'll be joining us for many more.

    My MM: The Break

  8. Well considering the little gift Mother Nature likes to give to us girls every month, turnabout is fair play. :)

  9. Very nice... poor nature!
    very smart!
    Excellent MM!
    Have you a great week!
    Mine is here

    just so you know.. it was VERY HARD to find the comment button. I was delighted that I found it. Just so you know.

  10. I should try that microfiction sometime. It seems interesting :)

  11. @Choco @モイラ @Ayu ~ Thank you!^_^ Glad you liked it!^_^

    @FuzzyL ~ Yep! you sure should! :) This was my first time too, and i really liked it!^_^

    @Sylvia K ~ Thank you!^_^ and yep, i sure do enjoy everyday of my life!^_^

    @Janel ~ yea! and its so sad even though music soothes almost everyone

    @Thom: Thanks!^_^ And yep!^_^ I sure am enjoying MM :)

  12. ..(cont)..
    @Susan: hehe!^_^ Thank you! :) And I will continue to play it, its really nice! :)

    @Grandma: Thank you!^_^ And yes, I will join in for more because i think its really awesome! :) and sure, i'll see urs! :) Thanks for seeing mine :)

    @Hope: hehe!^_^ Yeah! :)

    @Sh@KiR@ CK: Thank you! ^_^ And yep! im already enjoying this week!^_^ and sure i'll see it and im so sorry if the comment link was hard to find! i'll re-link it again in a easier spot! :)

    @Leona: Yep! ^_^ You sure should! its really nice and loads of fun! :)

  13. Welcome! Poor old mother nature, more to put up with. I'm still on the lyrical theme. I'm still on the lyrical theme. My micro-fiction


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