Reading a book, or watching TV?

So, yesterday I was going in the train reading Archie (since my parents didn’t allow me to buy a book!) when a thought struck me~
What is better? ~ Reading a book, or continuing its series as Episodes in a serial/movie.
So I began debating on this idea when I finally came to a conclusion that, Reading a book was much better than watching the story as episodes in a serial/movie.
I just couldn’t agree myself more with that! In a book you don’t have to know what comes next because you can know that by just turning over to the next page! Whereas in a serial/movie, you have to wait, which can be hard for impatient people (like me) to know. So we end up downloading the next episode/series!
I mean we don’t have to do all of that if we just read a book and settle the story with it! I do know that there is extra special effects and catchy looks in a series/movie, but HELLO! We can do all of that on our own too! In our minds! With our very own IMAGINATION! We can exceed even more than the movies/episodes’ effects in our mind, because imagination is once again vast and there is no limit to it.
And whereas again when it comes to movies and episodes we need money, requirements and many more which sometimes may also be out of our reach.
So now tell me what you think about comparing what is best if it is going to be reading a book or watching TV (serials/movies) ?
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Wow!

    Nice post..

    I agree - reading the book is much much better than watching it's visualization by a third party as a TV show or a movie.. you have ALL the freedom to see the scenes and parts as you want :)


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