Off for a Big Mission: 3WW #2

It was October 27th, 1957 and Laika was sitting in her cubicle in the space institute at the USSR. She was lying in her favorite basket like a saint and was chewing a piece of wood. She didn’t know what was happening around her and was just happy for the fact that she was left alone in her space without the booming sounds of the rockets and missiles.
Little did she know that the doctors and scientists were actually trying to lubricate her fear of rockets because she was soon going to go off for a very big mission!
Six days had passed, by then and all the preparations were brash. Time was running out and Laika wasn’t to be found anywhere. She wasn’t in her cubicle and everyone searched for her and they did find her in the end trying to escape the institute.
Laika was scared of her mission. Just like any other street mongrel, she feared because her instincts told her that it wasn’t an easy mission – her mission to venture out into space and become the first ever animal to do so.
This post is for 3WW for the date 14th April 2010 and the words are ~ Brash : Lubricate : Saint
Posted by Tharangni


  1. I thought Laika would be a person, haha. Anyway, I like the image. It's cute :D

  2. @Choco~ Thanks! :)
    @Leona~ lol! no Laika is a dog, the 1st dog ever go into space! :D and thanks! :D glad u liked it!^_^

  3. Hey!!
    I love your blog template. How did you do it? All those glitter and stuff!!?

  4. Unique choice of topic for the 3 words, I liked it very much!

  5. @Wink ~ I got it from and for that you have to Revert your template to Classic Template and then paste the code. and then you can modify it. the glitter stuff are actually pics. :D
    @ThomG ~ Thanks! :) I wanted to write about it only! :)
    @Jay ~ Thanks! :) Im glad you liked it!^_^
    @Shona ~ Thank you!^_^

    *Im very glad that you guys liked it* ^_^

  6. Ooooh, I like this one -- nifty twist at the end. :)

  7. hey gal.. wow.. its a very cuteee template.. liked it ..:)

    and nice 3WW tooo..:)

    keep rocking..)

  8. Yeah, nicely written up, I like the way you did this mixing history into the equation.


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