The Magic Of Reading

Opening the golden pages
And sniffing the aroma of time
One can get lost in this enchantment
As they open a book for an adventure.
Reading the story page by page
And flipping to the next one
When we’re done
The suspense grows bigger and bigger.
And little did we know,
We were also being pulled into its life
And as eagerness awaited-
We get ready to continue it.
We read the story with innocence
And finish it with contentment.
One can’t escape a book’s spell
Because when it’s casted, it stays forever.
And even after we’re done reading it
The story becomes a movie in our mind.
Reeling back and forth-
Becoming and leading our life.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Ooooh! <3

    You poshted!

    I always look forward to your blog posts and as usual - you did not disappoint..

    That line 'stays like a movie in your head' AWWWWW!! that's what happens with me too.. I can visualize the WHOLE story in the book, faces et al!

    Wonderful poem .. really well written.. Books are best friends! :D

  2. Ahh, the magic of a good book - nice described! <3

  3. @ Tharangni

    Wow...gurl u rock with your rhythm..and inter weaving the words around!

    So beautiful..God bless u and your creativity be always be cherished!

    Luv u so..choo much:)
    ~Celebrate Life..
    ~Keep the spark Alive..

  4. @Firebolt ~ Thanks! :D Even i was going kinda crazy for not blogging! :D But i guess that's how im gonna be in my holz... cuz i wont get any laptop then! X(
    @DD-Chan ~ Thanks :D :)
    @Rachana sis ~ hehe thanxie.. :D ^_^

  5. I think you put it very nicely. That's how I feel about reading books, too.


  6. Simply Brilliant ..@ Tharangni

    Keep writing..

  7. Ooooo!!! :)

    I loveeeeed this!!

    Books are my life,
    They are really my soul.
    Its so awesum.
    So visual type it was! :P Me looveed it! It was beautifully written! Tharangi

    Waaaaaw!!! Aweesum!!

    Hhehe!! I totally loooovee this!! You write soo well! :P

  8. @Wisewit ~ Yep! That's me too! :) And thanks! :)
    @Vivek ~ hehe! :D Thanks! :) And yes i'll write more and more! :)
    @Shona ~ hehe thank you so much! :)

  9. very true~ you describe the sensation of enjoyment a reader feels as he/she reads a good book!! totally fantastic one Tharangni! love it..esp. I can relate to this..I remember I am having this kind of excitement and intense feeling as I read the cases in Sherlock Holmes' His Last Bow!!! :D

    RE:@Tharangni: e-books..? how could I do that..? i wanna know~!!! xD
    (reply on my blog pls)

  10. Where'd you get the picture? It's really awesome :)

  11. absolutely right..
    It creates a movie in the head.thats why we feel disappointed when we see the real movie which is based on some great stories.
    Our mind can create a wonderful movie in our mind.

    Wonderful work

  12. @Sorcerer~ Thanks! :)
    @Leona~ hehe!^_^ It's from flickr! :D


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