Innocent Murder : 3WW #1

The scene was taped in yellow. No one knew where the murderer was. The detectives were really baffled and there was no clue, which they could identify. It seemed as if the murderer had swept the scene off without any evidence.
The victim seemed truly innocent, holding a rose and gazing at the sky, waiting to reach heaven. Her eyes were saturate with tears and there was a thin smile spread across her face. No one would have guessed she was dead, if they hadn’t noticed the thin trail of blood from her spine dripping on the sidewalk and later flooding it. One could have said that she died from a slow death by the murderer.
Everyone was deviated from the corpse when there was think spark of light from it (her).

This post is for 3WW for the date 7th April 2010 and the words are ~ Deviate : Identify : Saturate

Posted by Tharangni


  1. I totally love this! :)

    It was beautifully written and expressed!


  2. “Swinging in the swing
    Flying really high and low
    Clutching to the sides
    With eyes closed
    And heart thumping
    With the wind appealing
    Roaring in the sky
    Beating the birds in their race
    And adoring the fluffy clouds
    And almost flying…

    Loved this :) Amazing :D
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  3. Very interesting. I liked the feel of this.

  4. was like a scene in describe the scenario pretty well..and you left us with a mystery :)

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  5. WOW!

    This is sheer interestingness :D

    Well done!

  6. @Shona, Choco, Wink ~Thank you! :)
    @ThomG ~ hehe!^_^ Thanks, its my very first one...
    @Ayu ~ haha! XD yea i know! i just couldn't come up with any other idea except this, so i penned it down! :) Glad u liked it!^_^
    @Firebolt ~ Thank You!^_^

  7. Very Nice scene from the murder ground ..and the three words nicely engraved ... well done ..

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    ----- --- ---

  8. well it was really nice..i like detective and thriller stories so i like it hehe..

    and glad you love maid-sama too~!! I HEART usui!!! :3


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