I Wonder what the Turtles are doing?

“Feed the turtles”, mom said.
“Ok” I replied as I reluctantly got up from the computer.
The turtles were my neighbors and they were out. So they’d asked to me to feed them.
There was no way I could have said no because they are really nice and anyway the turtles were cute and I liked them and the people.
The last time I’d fed them in the day was at one in the afternoon and I even took them out of their tanks and made them zone out for a while.
So as I opened the house’s door I began to wonder what they were doing, or if they’d have finished the food which I’d earlier put for them.
As I went in I saw both the tanks. Both of the turtles were really big. In one tank the food was untouched whereas in the other it was eaten. I put the grains. I didn’t lift them out this time. I just wanted them to eat the food.
This post has been posted by me for Sunday Scribblings for the date April 18th 2010 and the word is Wonder
Posted by Tharangni


  1. You rather left us hanging on that one. I would like to know what happened and why the turtles didn't eat their food.

  2. I like this! And what a beautiful turtle. :)

  3. And now I'm left wondering what they are doing now!


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