A Day At The Ocean : 3WW #3

The ocean was blue like always
With the brown sand nearby for a contrast
The splash of the waves at our feet
And again going in ebb
Carrying the scent of salt along the shore.

Over the horizon
A random vessel puffed its smoke
Since it was carrying
Twenty thousand people on board!

And beneath the mild blue
Fishes, sharks and hydras breathed the bubbles
When a sudden quarrel broke out
Sending a roar across the waves.

The ice from the Alps melted
And quickly the water world began to negotiate.

Finally after everything was over
Peace was reborn in every heart
And happiness glowed as the oysters pearled.

This post is an entry for 3WW for the date 21st April 2010 and the words are: Ebb, Negotiate, Random
Posted by Tharangni


  1. This has a lightness, a peacefulness to it.

  2. @julie and Thom ~ Thanks guys! :) glad u'd liked it! :)

  3. What beautiful imagery!
    Loved the photoshopped pic as well..
    Although wouldn't it be 'A day at the ocean' instead of in?

  4. This is so interesting...I saw the same connection with the words.



  5. What does "water world began to negotiate" mean ?

  6. Beautiful imagery in this! I love "happiness glowed as the oysters pearled."

  7. @Thomma Lyn ~ Thank you! ^_^

    @ Deepa ~ Well what i meant by that is after the quarrel broke out, the water world, i.e. the creatures and beings who lived in water began to settle it.. :)

    @b ~ Wow! :) Thats really nice! ^_^

    @Sammy ~ hehe thanks! :D and yes.. i changed it now.. im still not good with prepositions :D

  8. very wonderful..it caress me as if it'll going to take me to the nearest ocean here :)

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  9. @Ayu~ Thanks! :) i imagined myself like that and i wrote it! ^_^

  10. I think anyone who can answer to prompts is fascinating. Good job :P

  11. as the oysters pearled - an eloquent description of time. Nice!

  12. I Love the last stanza - & it makes me want to be at the beach to watch the sunrise.the sunrise is my favorite time. I really like the images- contrast - splash- scent -puffed- roar - reborn
    (and great use of 3 words!)


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