The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Chapter One – Field of Buds

They say a story loses something with each telling. If that’s the case, this story has lost nothing, for it’s the first time it’s been told.
This story is one for which some people will have to suspend their disbelief. If it wasn’t me and this wasn’t happening to me, I would be one of those people.
Many won’t struggle to believe it, though for their minds have been opened; unlocked by whatever king of key causes people to believe. Those people are either born that way or, as babies, when their minds are like little buds, they are nurtured until their petals slowly open and prepare for the very nature of life to feed them. As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow; minds so open, they go through life aware and accepting, seeing light where there’s dark, seeing possibility in dead ends, tasting victory as others spit out failure, questioning when others accept. Just a little less jaded, a little less cynical. A little less likely to throw in the towel. Some people’s minds open later in life, through tragedy or triumph.

Cecelia Ahern
Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she’s ever wanted. Born into a family of wealth, she grew up in a mansion with its own luxury. She’s always lived in here and now, never giving a thought for tomorrow.Suddenly, her father commits suicide and leaves Tamara and her mother with a mountain of debt. With no to take them in, Tamara’s aunt, Rosaleen takes her and her mother into the boring town of Meath. While her mother is shut away in grief and Rosaleen busy attending them, Tamara longs to return to Dublin and enjoy life with her friends.
One day a traveling library arrives in her village bringing a mysterious leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and she shakes her world to its core.
Knowing what happens tomorrow, Tamara tries to change it to find that, all this long she’d been living a lie.

Author: Cecelia Ahern
Pages: 320
Ages: 15+
Publisher: Harper Collins
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  5. wow..nice book..i actually thought it was a cliche story from the start but as she opened the book, as you said in your review, i now thought its worth to read and the excitement starts~!! :D

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  6. @Ayu~ yes.. the ch.1 is really from the book! :) i always give a extract if its a book review!^_^
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