Almost like Flying...

Almost like Flying (c) Tharangni
The Swing in our Apartment
“Swinging in the swing
Flying really high and low
Clutching to the sides
With eyes closed
And heart thumping
With the wind appealing
Roaring in the sky
Beating the birds in their race
And adoring the fluffy clouds
And almost flying…”

This was how I felt when I was swinging yesterday. I felt so happy! I let my legs dance in the air and glided 160 degree! Butterflies were flying and rats were scurrying in my tummy as I went up and down!
I even went 180 degree once and I saw the whole world upside down! It was really weird but at the same time wonderful and enchanting! :) I even imagined me having wings at one point in the swing and flying away! :) I'm sure swinging is one of the easiest and the closest to flying!
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    I feel like flying now



  2. cute post buddy ,seems like you have been recently touched by love

  3. woooow!
    awesome X))
    I too feel the same XD

  4. I have a swing at my place..but i cannot go as high as 180* :P

  5. I like to swing too, feels so nice. I've also since I can remember dreamed about being able to fly. Fly and touch the clouds!! <3

  6. aww...i miss my good old days as a child hehe..i miss swinging merrily like that :P

  7. Aaaawww


    I love doing that and while your swinging it does seem like flying like everything else doesnt matter anymore and its the only thing its beautiful! :)

  8. I want to swing too XD
    I loved to swing when I was in Kindergarten... but now, there aren't any swings near me anywhere... :(

  9. @Firebolt~ Thank you! :)
    @Nitwit! thanks! and noo! nothing like that ~ I just felt like that while i was swinging~ Truth :)
    @Choco~ Thanks! :)
    @Neha sis ~ lol! by 180* i'd meant gliding!! not swinging! i'd have topples over if i did 180! XD
    @DD-Chan~ Yep! i read that post too, and it was really good! :)
    @Ayu ~ Hey! who says that you can't? you can do it now it! :) no one will say anything!! :)
    @Shona ~ Thanks! :) and yes swinging sure is fun! :)
    @Selenium ~ you checked the park?? it has to be right?? i mean, ur allowed to go out of hostel right?


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