Erupted : 3WW #4

The smoke of sulphur from the Eyjafjallajokull mountain in Iceland smelled like rotten eggs. A true disgrace for the sense of smell. The ashes were thick and were almost blinding one’s view. Nothing was visible after a distance of 3 feet. One could feel their health deteriorating after inhaling the smoke.
The volcano was beginning to ignite just like fire coming from a spark. The mountain top was filled with black clouds and the volcano looked ready to erupt.
The people looked like ants when compared to the mountain and they all began to evacuate and they departed the nearest possible vehicle which could take them to safety and away from the mountain, since it was beginning to boil and was almost out.
And then finally, the volcano erupted and ate the whole city.
P.S: I don't know any information about the mountain's eruption except for its name and location. So whatever else which is written is purely fictional and has no relevance to any thing else and is a mere piece from my imagination.
This post has been posted by me as a part of 3WW for the date 28th April 2010 and the words are: Depart : Ignite : Rotten

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Enough of Travelling : MM #2

Billy had enough of traveling. He was going to abandon his home- the crate and explore the world without his owners. However he was chained.

This post has been posted by me as a part of Microfiction Monday : #28
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Reading a book, or watching TV?

So, yesterday I was going in the train reading Archie (since my parents didn’t allow me to buy a book!) when a thought struck me~
What is better? ~ Reading a book, or continuing its series as Episodes in a serial/movie.
So I began debating on this idea when I finally came to a conclusion that, Reading a book was much better than watching the story as episodes in a serial/movie.
I just couldn’t agree myself more with that! In a book you don’t have to know what comes next because you can know that by just turning over to the next page! Whereas in a serial/movie, you have to wait, which can be hard for impatient people (like me) to know. So we end up downloading the next episode/series!
I mean we don’t have to do all of that if we just read a book and settle the story with it! I do know that there is extra special effects and catchy looks in a series/movie, but HELLO! We can do all of that on our own too! In our minds! With our very own IMAGINATION! We can exceed even more than the movies/episodes’ effects in our mind, because imagination is once again vast and there is no limit to it.
And whereas again when it comes to movies and episodes we need money, requirements and many more which sometimes may also be out of our reach.
So now tell me what you think about comparing what is best if it is going to be reading a book or watching TV (serials/movies) ?
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What a Boring Class!

The teacher entered like a mighty emperor
Commanding over his people like a dictator.
The students are droopy with boredom
As they try to escape his kingdom.
Try as they may
But all ended in vain
As the boredom the class begun.

The first class began with biology
Continued with the literature of the dictionary
Later began the story of civics
And told us how the government formed the policies
Then we entered heaven –
Where we entered the eerie basement
Language slipped and winded in our tongues
Which continued, till the tangles web of numbers

The day of boredom finally ended
When the last bell rang
And all the kids stepped out.

P.S Sorry guys, but after this I will be leaving the city and will be heading for my native place. So you may not get posts actively, but I will try to keep them active and you don't forget your spot when you come by my blog and do leave comments! :)
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A Day At The Ocean : 3WW #3

The ocean was blue like always
With the brown sand nearby for a contrast
The splash of the waves at our feet
And again going in ebb
Carrying the scent of salt along the shore.

Over the horizon
A random vessel puffed its smoke
Since it was carrying
Twenty thousand people on board!

And beneath the mild blue
Fishes, sharks and hydras breathed the bubbles
When a sudden quarrel broke out
Sending a roar across the waves.

The ice from the Alps melted
And quickly the water world began to negotiate.

Finally after everything was over
Peace was reborn in every heart
And happiness glowed as the oysters pearled.

This post is an entry for 3WW for the date 21st April 2010 and the words are: Ebb, Negotiate, Random
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Sad Harmony: MM #1

The tunes in the harp were drifting away.
Grace’s friends were really happy to hear it.
Except the same melody was a pain to mother nature.

Here by a pain to mother nature has been used because the flowers in the picture look droopy and crestfallen.
This post has been posted by me for Microfiction Monday : #27, for the date 19th April 2010. This is also my first entry for it. Hope you like it!

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I Wonder what the Turtles are doing?

“Feed the turtles”, mom said.
“Ok” I replied as I reluctantly got up from the computer.
The turtles were my neighbors and they were out. So they’d asked to me to feed them.
There was no way I could have said no because they are really nice and anyway the turtles were cute and I liked them and the people.
The last time I’d fed them in the day was at one in the afternoon and I even took them out of their tanks and made them zone out for a while.
So as I opened the house’s door I began to wonder what they were doing, or if they’d have finished the food which I’d earlier put for them.
As I went in I saw both the tanks. Both of the turtles were really big. In one tank the food was untouched whereas in the other it was eaten. I put the grains. I didn’t lift them out this time. I just wanted them to eat the food.
This post has been posted by me for Sunday Scribblings for the date April 18th 2010 and the word is Wonder
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Off for a Big Mission: 3WW #2

It was October 27th, 1957 and Laika was sitting in her cubicle in the space institute at the USSR. She was lying in her favorite basket like a saint and was chewing a piece of wood. She didn’t know what was happening around her and was just happy for the fact that she was left alone in her space without the booming sounds of the rockets and missiles.
Little did she know that the doctors and scientists were actually trying to lubricate her fear of rockets because she was soon going to go off for a very big mission!
Six days had passed, by then and all the preparations were brash. Time was running out and Laika wasn’t to be found anywhere. She wasn’t in her cubicle and everyone searched for her and they did find her in the end trying to escape the institute.
Laika was scared of her mission. Just like any other street mongrel, she feared because her instincts told her that it wasn’t an easy mission – her mission to venture out into space and become the first ever animal to do so.
This post is for 3WW for the date 14th April 2010 and the words are ~ Brash : Lubricate : Saint
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Innocent Murder : 3WW #1

The scene was taped in yellow. No one knew where the murderer was. The detectives were really baffled and there was no clue, which they could identify. It seemed as if the murderer had swept the scene off without any evidence.
The victim seemed truly innocent, holding a rose and gazing at the sky, waiting to reach heaven. Her eyes were saturate with tears and there was a thin smile spread across her face. No one would have guessed she was dead, if they hadn’t noticed the thin trail of blood from her spine dripping on the sidewalk and later flooding it. One could have said that she died from a slow death by the murderer.
Everyone was deviated from the corpse when there was think spark of light from it (her).

This post is for 3WW for the date 7th April 2010 and the words are ~ Deviate : Identify : Saturate

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Almost like Flying...

Almost like Flying (c) Tharangni
The Swing in our Apartment
“Swinging in the swing
Flying really high and low
Clutching to the sides
With eyes closed
And heart thumping
With the wind appealing
Roaring in the sky
Beating the birds in their race
And adoring the fluffy clouds
And almost flying…”

This was how I felt when I was swinging yesterday. I felt so happy! I let my legs dance in the air and glided 160 degree! Butterflies were flying and rats were scurrying in my tummy as I went up and down!
I even went 180 degree once and I saw the whole world upside down! It was really weird but at the same time wonderful and enchanting! :) I even imagined me having wings at one point in the swing and flying away! :) I'm sure swinging is one of the easiest and the closest to flying!
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The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Chapter One – Field of Buds

They say a story loses something with each telling. If that’s the case, this story has lost nothing, for it’s the first time it’s been told.
This story is one for which some people will have to suspend their disbelief. If it wasn’t me and this wasn’t happening to me, I would be one of those people.
Many won’t struggle to believe it, though for their minds have been opened; unlocked by whatever king of key causes people to believe. Those people are either born that way or, as babies, when their minds are like little buds, they are nurtured until their petals slowly open and prepare for the very nature of life to feed them. As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow; minds so open, they go through life aware and accepting, seeing light where there’s dark, seeing possibility in dead ends, tasting victory as others spit out failure, questioning when others accept. Just a little less jaded, a little less cynical. A little less likely to throw in the towel. Some people’s minds open later in life, through tragedy or triumph.

Cecelia Ahern
Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she’s ever wanted. Born into a family of wealth, she grew up in a mansion with its own luxury. She’s always lived in here and now, never giving a thought for tomorrow.Suddenly, her father commits suicide and leaves Tamara and her mother with a mountain of debt. With no to take them in, Tamara’s aunt, Rosaleen takes her and her mother into the boring town of Meath. While her mother is shut away in grief and Rosaleen busy attending them, Tamara longs to return to Dublin and enjoy life with her friends.
One day a traveling library arrives in her village bringing a mysterious leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and she shakes her world to its core.
Knowing what happens tomorrow, Tamara tries to change it to find that, all this long she’d been living a lie.

Author: Cecelia Ahern
Pages: 320
Ages: 15+
Publisher: Harper Collins
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The Magic Of Reading

Opening the golden pages
And sniffing the aroma of time
One can get lost in this enchantment
As they open a book for an adventure.
Reading the story page by page
And flipping to the next one
When we’re done
The suspense grows bigger and bigger.
And little did we know,
We were also being pulled into its life
And as eagerness awaited-
We get ready to continue it.
We read the story with innocence
And finish it with contentment.
One can’t escape a book’s spell
Because when it’s casted, it stays forever.
And even after we’re done reading it
The story becomes a movie in our mind.
Reeling back and forth-
Becoming and leading our life.

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Shiver - My Wolf

The air felt cold
And the smell of pine and snow
Was intoxicating me.
His gaze met my threshold
They had the best hue of gold
And I reflected back the mere flickering
Of images for that was how we’d spoken.
Even as a mortal I’d the lupine instinct.
His fur smelled of the dried autumn.
My breath fogged the thin glass
And my nails screeched at its touch-
The thin barrier between him and me
In this cold wet weather.
Sadly I could see him only then
And I lost his gaze in the warm summer
I miss the smell of autumn
And the gaze of gold
Of my dear wolf, when it was warm.

The above poem is based on a book, which I’d read, quiet long back about a wolf and a girl. Shiver is a thrilling and amazing book written by Maggie Stiefvater.
Grace is a 17 year old who had survived a wolf attack when she was 11 years. Strangely she didn’t die and survived after a wolf in the pack rescued her. And ever since then that wolf had been watching her and waiting for her to come and become a part of the pack. But she never does.
Sam, Grace’s wolf, who’d rescued her from the pack waits eagerly in the winter for her to come and join him for it is the cold that changes him to a wolf. When it’s summer he becomes a human and misses Grace. And when it’s winter he waits for her.
However things get twisted when Sam almost gets hits by a bullet and changes to a human in the cold and tries to brave it and ends up in Grace’s doorstep. Grace doesn’t hesitate to take him in and realizes that Sam is her wolf.
The story continues as Sam continues to stay as a human in the cold for Grace and helping Grace to realize her wolf instincts within her.

Pages: 392
Publishers: Scholastic
Genre: Fiction
Ages: 14+
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