What About Now

This is my first story as well as the story which I told that I'd post as soon as my exams were over and here it is! So do enjoy the read!
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The sun tried its best to enter his den. It was dark everywhere and the room as a real mess. A small beam made its way through the drapes.
He felt it and woke up. He kicked the sheets and made his way to the heavy curtain and with a single sway he drew them open and the room was flooded with light.
‘Aghh’ he shouted as the light fell on his eyes, soon his eyes got adjusted to the light and he turned to a corner were a photo frame glistened. He went towards it and picked it up. He let his fingers run through it and his eyes began to swell.
It had been 2 months since she’d died.
The one person whom he’d loved in the whole world.
Everything happened in an instant that day. He last saw her in the Coffee Shop where she broke up with him.
After that he didn’t see her for almost a week. Then one morning in the obituary section of the Daily Newspaper:

Marion Hall
Age: 25
11th September 1985 – 2nd February 2010
Ceremony at the Church.
Body will be cremated in the Local Grave.

Everything went wrong after that. He lost his job. He didn’t pay his rent. He even lost hope in living. He switched on his stereo in a hope to relax himself. He selected the track – ‘What About Now’ by Westlife.
The lyrics were stuck in his head.

For all the things that never died,
To make it through the night,
Love will find you

What about now,
What about today,
What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be,
What if our love never went away,
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find,
Baby, before it’s too late,
What about now.

Hearing it, he began speaking to himself.
‘Man these guys surely tell my hearts tale! This is just what I'm going through and it’s all in this darn song! God! People and Time really cohere in weird timings!’
‘Marion if you’re listening to this, please understand this. I still love you and I always will.' He spoke that looking at the ceiling knowing that Marion would surely hear him.
He lay silent for a few seconds and after that he got changed and headed to the beach. He kept starring at the ocean with his dark eyes and sighed and spoke out, ‘This place reminds me of her so much. The sea has the same color as her eyes and the sand is soft as her skin.’
He kept thinking about her and the song.
Time was moving on and he knew that it wouldn’t wait for him. So he decided to move on and went to her grave. It wasn’t hard to find. It was the most recent one. He knelt down and kept a bunch of blue bells – they were her favorite. He prayed silently for a few minutes and let out his thoughts…
‘ “So Marion, what about now?” would be what I’d exactly be asking you if you were alive. You were my life’s guide and I never wanted to leave you. But sadly it was you who left me. It has been 2 months dear and I still love you. But I must move on since I'm still living and I will continue to live. Whatever has happened has happened and nothing can change this fervent feeling. However I'll make only one promise – You’re the first and the last person whom I’ve ever loved and will ever love. I swear on this promise till I die. So until then, see you soon my dear love.’
With that he got up and left the grave and went to the city -
Somewhere he hadn’t gone for almost 2 months.
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  1. hi Tarangni,

    woww.. first story from you..:) well written yaar.. u must write such stories often..

    BTW, hw were the examss?? papers were easy kyaa?? eheh any wayss.. enjoy now ..:) keep smiling..:)

  2. Cool. O_O
    Reading this I think now I know how can I write a 2 page story.

    This story was good :)

  3. @Pramoda sis: Thank you! :D I wrote it actually before the exams to ease of the tension! And yea I'll write more! :D
    Well my exams were good!! They were all MCQs since it was directly sent from the Board! :D and sure im enjoying only now! :D

    @Selenium: Thanks.. and was the story really a two page one, cuz in Word it fitted in one page only! >_<

  4. hey..ive read it just now out of boredom..since i currently waiting for a file to be finished in downloading..it good..:) and i wish they would meet in heaven ^_^

  5. tell just do something as the definition of a haiku tells you^_^:

    it's a Japanese's shortest poem consisting only 17 syllables which are divided into three lines... the first and third line has 5 syllables while the second has 7... so that's it... nature is often the various subjects of a good haiku..

    reply on my blog ^_^

  6. Awesome pics!!! :)
    The first two with snow patches are really cute.
    Pansies are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Nice story with a nice poem. :)
    I enjoyed reading it. :)
    Your style of writing is very impressive.

    Best wishes. :)

  8. Felt like everything happened too fast. Perhaps more story progression would be nice :)

    Music sometimes really manages to capture our feelings.

  9. ...yeah, it's full of melancholy... and message came across very well... cheers!!!:)

    ..thanks for droppin' by and yeah, it's the famous painting - "the scream" by Edvard Munch... i just like the emotions raised in that paintin' that's why i used it as a subject for my new poem.. thanks again and hope you'll visit again!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)



  10. @Kelvin:Thanks!Glad u liked it :) And yes that painting is really nice! though now thanks to you i knew who drew it! ^_^
    @Leona:Okay! :) I'll work on that! Thanks!^_^
    @Chandrika: Thank You! :) Im very glad u liked it!
    @Ayu: Hope this isn't too much.. but what exactly does syllable mean? I don't understand what it means... is it something related to sound..? :D

  11. Really enjoyed reading the story!
    And i agree with Ayu, I hope they meet in heaven :D
    It was touching, the story..

    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you will again :)

  12. Syllable
    syllable is umm..example the word water (wa-ter) when you pronounce this..you have two syllables, the word is divided by the no. of sound you made as you speak the word..

    e.g. symphony (sym-pho-ny)-that's three syllables..

    hehe..im sorry to be not much help..but that's how the syllable works and for the classic poems and haikus and other types of metric compositions, syllables is as important as rhyme..i just don't usually have meters on my poems because i pretty much like the free-form writing there you dont have to count the syllables for the pattern.

    and i duno about this network prob. actually vittal also reported to me that he frequently jumped to other sites when coming in my blog..i dunno what i am gonna do with that >_<

  13. @Koo:Thanks! :) Glad you like it! :)
    @Ayu: okey! so its with the sound then... i guess even i'll try to make a haiku then!^_^ Thanks! :)


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