A Violin's Heart...

The summer smell filled the air
And butterflies roamed the land
A heavenly euphoria was felt
As the bow met the violin’s strings
It’s shrillness cried in the air
Replacing sadness over the merry.
The sound continued
Even after the sun went behind the hills-
And the valley got immersed in its tunes.
The sound heard united everyone.
The chirping ceased
And the roaring quitened
As all ears were pricked to the heavenly note.
The violin’s sadness and melody-
Teared every single mortal
And every heart lost its greed,
As the violin lifted off the valley.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Heyy!
    OMG. Did you write that? It's beautiful!:)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog...truth be told, I don't get it either. Lol- however weird that may seem, I just write...

  2. Violin in the vslley..
    such a beautiful thought..

    Love the visuals of the poem..
    especially this line -

    "...brought sadness over the merry"

    I've always thought of the violin's voice as something sadly beautiful..so it is!


  3. @Vandana: Yep!^_^ I always write my poems! :)
    >>Oh okey! :D the truth is funny though i must say! lol! :D

  4. @Firebolt ~ hehe! Thanks! :D I actually wrote this poem while i was listening to a piece in the radio! That was how i got to write this poem! :D

  5. Oh cool - it's sorted out now :D

    Loved the post..
    Your fetish for stringed instruments..hehehhehe

  6. Hey there Tharangni,
    Didnt know where to put this but am so sorry to hear about Hyderabad.. stay safe..


  7. @ Tharangni

    You are truely blessed to have a ability to capture the beauty of nature and emotions in prose!
    Simply awesome..and God bless you with more success and creativity:)

    Bwt: You are been TAGED in my lattest post of RAINBOW7shades..will love it if you Join in!

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  8. refreshing topic for poetry..i really love violins..

    and your poem never stops to amaze me!!

    keep it up~

    check out my latest post~ :D

  9. Liked the lines...
    "It’s shrillness cried in the air
    Replacing sadness over the merry."

    Well composed :)

  10. @Choco~ Thanks! :)
    @Firebolt: hehe! :D Thanks! :D and no worries! i love hyd.! besides mom never allows me to go out.. >_<
    @Rachana sis: Thank you!!! :) okey! I'll join for sure! ^_*
    @Ayu: hehe! Thank you! and i'll! :) u know i always read ur posts.. :)
    @Shas bro: Thank you! :) Glad you like it! :)

  11. Wow , what a poem ..very nice @ Tharangni

    I Loved these lines "
    The sound heard united everyone.
    The chirping ceased
    And the roaring quitened
    As all ears were pricked to the heavenly note ".

    awesome .. :) keep on writing

  12. @Vivek ~ Thank you!! :) hehe!^^ im Glad u liked it! and yes! i'll keep on writing for sure! :)

  13. Violins are beautiful, don't you think? (:

  14. @Leona ~ Yea! :) They are really beautiful!^_^

  15. @ Tharangni

    SO glad that you replied back promptly. You know Tharangni..we got more other few things in common...but will let u know slowly as we more get to know eachother through bloging and wrting!

    I have one of my cousin sis(Jewel) just like you, who have come this year in 8th class...amazingly when I was in 8th she was born...so looking her gives me immence happiness and I realise world and life have turned 360 degree turn back! Even it was me who named her!

    I told she is like because when I met her this new year...I realised...she also maintains Journals like me...and likes writing poems like You!

    ~ Anyway..stories apart...you are young and understand the blogger world so well...buut gurl..dont just get carried away with it..blog and blogger world will stay and exist forever but not your school days...so enjoy at the fullest:)

    ~Bwt: you might like going through this link..as you too maintain your journals:)

    ..dont U hesitate to follow me too...hehhe

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  16. @Rachana sis~ well im in 10th right now... :D
    wow! lucky u! u got to name a child..! mine go through big astro signs and then they name based on that.. -_-.. i never got to name..
    cool! does ur cousin blog???
    haha! :D i enjoy my school days too.. :D and i enjoy blog too.. but mom times me.. so i have to sit only in particular times.. :D
    and hey.. i read it! :) and posted comment too.. :)

  17. A beautiful thought Schrei...a violin's sound filling up a valley and enthralling all the listeners with its wonderful melody. :))
    Loved it.

  18. the words used r stunning...
    m delighted to view ur blog :)


  19. Aaahh... I have a weakness for musical instruments, esp the classical western ones.

    For once you reminded me of the song that plays in Fate/Stay Night anime when Saber makes her entry. (It's named - Kishi ou no Hokori or something like that... but I suck at my Japanese so dunno what it means...)

    Yes. This one touches my heart. :)


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