Pictures ♥

Pictures of you and pictures of me
Transcend through time and travel far.
Hang them on the wall
So the world can see
The togetherness of you and me.

P.S: My next post is on the 11th of march and do keep your comments coming! :)
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Hmm... it was a good one. Small and simple... but about something I didn't think about writing before.

  2. Hey , wonderful , so lil but touching theme ...

    sometime it touches your innermost ..exactly did this small fragrance did to me make me go into the momorylane ..where i used to put pictures made by me on the walls of my rooms ...


    P.S: Do visit back if you got time ..I know you will be busy .....So go green n interact with nature .. he he Don't get confused ..its my new theme made by me

  3. Ah. Mind if I ask you what anime this is?

  4. @Leona:hey... im sorry but it was a random pic from photobucket... :D so i don't know which anime.. :D


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