Nature Is Magic

The rising of the sun
The setting of the moon
And the movement of the clouds
In the big blue sky-
Studded with the chirping birds
Who swing into action, in the rain
Catch their prey n a sunny day.
The little insects suck the nectar
Or sometimes they feast the blood.
The beauty of color is shared by two-
One – The rare rainbow and
Two – The ever-showing proud petals.
All this happens in a wink
As soon as the ice sinks.
The mountains hold many a treasure
And shed their tears in a river.
No one can change this-
And no one can wield this.
Because it may result in a tragic

So nature is the only magic.

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Posted by Tharangni


  1. wow..this is really good..nature is truly a magical gift from above :3

  2. Wow , how amazingly u narrated ..whole scene ..thats the Magic of nature really..

  3. Ahh, I love your nature poems, they're so true and beautiful. And in this I loved the last two sentences
    "Because it may result in a tragic
    So nature is the only magic."

    I love it when poems end like that, they feel complete. It's really great!

    And also: I've got some awards for you in my latest post "awards special"

  4. The rare rainbow :)

    Sorry, extremely fascinated with rainbows :D So yeah.

  5. ...yea, nature is really magical... and you just did it on this poem... well done!!!:) cheers!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)



  6. @Ayu & vivek: Thanks!! :)

    @DD-Chan: Thanks!! :) I thought that that sentence formation wasn't right! :) but after ur comment im sure its right!! :)

    @Leona: Yep! Me too!! I love em! as a matter of fact i've a poem about them too! see this:

    @Kelvin: Thank you!!! :)

  7. WOW!! i liked this so much!! :) Cool!! :) Nature is amazing, its infact the best gift we have!! :) :) Well written!


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