Lost Voice

Amidst this crowded city
My voice – all alone, is such a pity
My sadness is one of a kind
As no one is ready to rewind
I sound so lonely
With no one to hear me
But I sound very happy
When people and smiles are by me
I stretch out my neck
Just so I can reach out
And be heard all around
But what I desire, remains a wish
As I try to break this curse
Of my lost voice.

P.S:In this poem I tried to personify my Guitar(The pic is my guitar). I hope I've done well! :)
Posted by Tharangni


  1. that's nice...just like the writer's block, you have the singer's block!...hope you find it soon!....:)

  2. @Nalini Hebbar: Thank you! :)
    but i dont get what you mean when u say, singer's block? X|

  3. cool guitar..i never learned how to play it but its one of my wildest dreams..

    the poem is brilliant..as always..:P

  4. I think that the idea of personifying a guitar is really nice. Good job.

  5. @Ayu: Well to be frank, even i don't know how to play a guitar! im a Perfect Armature and Beginner! :D

    @Leona: Thank you! :) Im glad you liked it! :D

  6. OMG cool!! I am so going to learn how to play this summer vacations!! Ive being wanting to foreva!! Btw, i loved the personifying of the guitar!! Amaaazing!

  7. RE:@☆Tharangni☆ : well...she's been unconscious for so long..when im doing this i imagine the princess/girl to be just comatose..

  8. Liked this :D
    Great personification of your guitar.

    Personally, my (now old) keyboard is more of an emotionless dude who doesn't give a damn about who is and who is not listening to it.It looks content as long as it's working. ^^

  9. the lost voice and lost strings, will always be back once they find ears searching for them, it doesnt mean that without ears around music is stagnant,there u find a music, the music of silence...

  10. I've always had a thing for guitars.. your poem really brings the great things out =D

    Great blog, btw!


  11. @Firebolt: Thanks! :) Well.. sadly the thing is that i can't play the guitar.. :'(
    and thanks! :D

  12. Hi Tharangni,

    O yes... you have really done it very very well... i find your words really true and sincere and really appealing to heart... great job buddy!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)




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