Fallen flower in the garden
Fallen pride in the heart
Fallen beauty lost in time.
Searching for what remains
In a world where none gains
All I do is roam hopelessly
In this maze of boundless mist.

My next post is coming on the 7th! :) Oh and by the way, I took this pic in my house. Actually I got my idea of this poem after seeing that sad look in those flowers (they're artificial).
Posted by Tharangni


  1. I like it. You do seem to have a good sense of image in your writing and of feeling in an image. I used to write poems that way--I'd look at a picture and write some words that expressed the feelings it gave me--but I haven't done that for a while.


  2. ah, it's beautiful! I love the picture too. At first I only saw their beauty, but now that you said it, they also look sad.

  3. For once, that picture had me. I thought there was a Piano behind the flowers... but I guess that's just some exquisite furniture...

    The word "Fallen" was well used in this... :)
    Great show of emotions too.

  4. Hey nice one...fraught with feelings!
    Btw collect your awards from my blog and do leave a comment when you get them :)

  5. loving this one:)

    really nice blog you have here!


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